How Much Setting Up A Cannabis Grow Tent Cost

In the past cannabis were grown in limited quantity. But now many people are growing it in their home. Growing cannabis inside is healthy and cost-effective. If you want to set up a cannabis grow tent at home, then here is the cost estimate of the entire setup.

For 6 ft by 6 ft grow space

If we want to grow cannabis in a 6 ft by 6 ft space then we will need various equipment. These include light setup, fan, carbon filter, water tank, soils, etc. Here is a break down of the approximate cost.

Light setup: $200 to $500

Fan: $80 to $200

Carbon filter: $85 to $120

Pots: $20 to $40

Water tanks: $50 to $100

Soil: $60

Miscellaneous: $50

Electricity for the entire growth period (3.5 months): $700

This cost doesn’t include the cost of space, assuming that you will grow it in your house.The cost of plats and pest control are not included as well.

Small closet

If you want to grow your cannabis in a smaller space then you can by the grow tent kit for about $1,000 or less. This kit includes everything you need in order to grow cannabis. All you need to buy is the plant, soil and pay the electricity bill.You will be able to grow four plants. Your pots will cost about $20 and soil $20. You will need less electricity compared to the 6 ft by 6 ft space.

Growing cannabis indoors is a very good option. It is much easier to grow it indoors as you will find all the equipment you need to have a controlled environment.


Author: Adelaida Farkas

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