Who doesn’t need money? It’s something everyone is running after. People are working day and night to earn money so that they can earn a good living. Money is essential to run our family and raise our kids. However, if you don’t spend money wisely you might not have enough money left no matter how much you earn.

The living cost is becoming expensive day by day. The cost of things is increasing and sometimes not in proportion to our income. You are paying a higher rent than before, your transportation cost is increasing, the school fees are also on the rise. I have written this blog to discuss money. Here you will find articles relevant to money.

You will learn why things are becoming expensive, how much you require to buy or make certain things, how to earn more money. There will be experts who will let you know how to save money and invest it in various ventures. You will find very interesting articles that will be a good read every day. Hope you will enjoy reading this blog.